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          This Week:

          Honey I CRISPR'd the Kids

          Honey I CRISPR'd the Kids

          This week we're coming to you from Awesome Con in Washington, D.C. There, host Bethany Brookshire led a panel of three amazing guests to talk about the promise and perils of CRISPR, and what happens now that CRISPR babies have (maybe?) been born. Featuring science writer Tina Saey, molecular biologist Anne Simon, and bioethicist Alan Regenberg. A Nobel Prize winner argues banning CRISPR babies won’t work Geneticists push for a... Read More/Download

          Celebrate a Science Birthday!

          $5/monthly Patreons will receive a custom designed card celebrating the life and contributions of an amazing scientist you've probably never heard of, plus other cool Science Birthday merch for higher donation tiers!

          Gimmie Science Birthday Merch!
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