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Business Travel Award Winner

"BridgeStreet has upped its game as a global provider, and is offering an excellent, segmented product for the business traveler."
— Business Travel Awards Judging Panel

Six Ways to Stay

Extended Stay Hotels
Brand Hotels
Furnished Homes
Vacation Rentals
Serviced Apartments
Design-led Hostels

Business Solutions

Consulting Accommodation Choices

Sometimes business is far away. Thanks to BridgeStreet, it’s closer than ever. Learn how we can solve any extended-stay business travel need for consultants, wherever and whenever needed.

Relocation Services

From Point A to Point B, relocating employees or your family should be easy. Find the right accommodations today.

Fun Spaces for Business Interns

We offer a full end-to-end intern experience from sourcing all extended stay accommodations to day-to-day management. Let BridgeStreet do all the work.

Business Travel and Leisure

When work time meets personal time, BridgeStreet can arrange extended-stay business accommodations that achieve true work-life balance. Learn how.

Travel Smarter with Us


With fully functional kitchens, enjoy cooking a meal at home. Save time by having all the ingredients dropped off right at your door.

Transportation & Travel

From car rentals to luggage delivery, check out these specially discounted services to help you get from point A to point B.


Step outside of your apartment and join the neighborhood with activities and tours.

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